Adventures in PvP

I’ve been playing a bit with PvP – I’d never actually tried it before. It was fun. I mean, I suck, totally and completely, but I am having fun. My mage was very difficult, and I spent most of the time dead, but I loved it with the hunter. No one seems to talk to each other in the groups that I have been in, which makes things difficult as the Horde players are so much better organised and better equipped. My reactions aren’t very fast, which was a problem with the mage. On Kitsunecho, my hunter, I was able to stand back, send Ennui in, and kill players from a distance – much more my style. Of course, though, as soon as the Horde players notice that you are doing a lot of damage they send a squad to kill you, and at close range I die fairly quickly.

Such an adrenalin rush…I really do like enjoy it, and that surprises me.

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