Adrift in New Eden

I think I let too much time go by since I last played EVE. When I re-subbed, I did manage to get myself and my main ships back out of scary-low-security space without getting blown up, podded and teabagged, but now I’m at a but of a loss as to what I should be doing.

I’ve been flying around to some of the bases in the area where I’m located, but none of the agents will now talk to me. Since I happened to have a pile of stuff at that base, I’m assuming that I was there for a reason (prior to turning to piracy), but I’m evidently the red-headed stepchild of that region of space. Perhaps it has something to do with being flagged as having a low security status – I’m not sure how to check. Perhaps it’s just been too long, and I need to start over again and do lower-level missions? No idea.

Plus, the game client isn’t running well since I reinstalled the game and updated. I seem to remember EVE always being rock-solid, but I commonly crash to desktop (once rebooting entirely, which was a rude surprise) and I have intermittent glitches such as not being able to open the Market tab or not being able to see what I have fitted to my ship (not that I would remember why I had all that stuff in the first place!). Very frustrating.

EVE (for me at least) totally isn’t a solo-friendly game. You really, really need to belong to a corporation. Mining bores me to tears, and there are only so many missions that you can do…it really helps to have people to talk to while you’re jumping through gate 11 out of 25. Zzzzzzzzz…

I’ll need to see what happens with Rift, and barring getting totally engrossed in that game, perhaps start looking around for a newb-friendly corporation.

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