Addicted from the first hit

There are a lot of articles and posts around about Warcraft’s five year anniversary. I haven’t been playing for five years, but only since the beginning of 2006. This was my first post on this blog, about my very first character, a warlock named Ravven who I raided on for ages as my main before moving over to my hunter Kitsune.

On my personal blog, this was the first Warcraft reference:

I’ve gone over to the dark side. After months of saying that I wouldn’t, that I was waaaay to busy, I finally set up a Warcraft character. Omigod…this may be the last you ever hear from me.

It’s a human warlock named Ravven (of course). Warlocks can eventually get the cool horses with flaming feet. After hours and hours of play…weeks and months and then I’ll turn into P, whom I never see anymore because of a massive Warcrack addiction.

I’d really not been a serious gamer prior to that time. I loved lan parties and fps games, but I have a terrible problem with motion sickness which limits my ability to play. I have the same problem with many console games. I’d never tried an MMO prior to Warcraft, and had never realised just how immersive and fun it could be. I tried it, admitted that it was actually kind of fun, and then some days later had that realisation (that we all have at some point)  when you stand up from the computer and realise “my god, I’ve been playing for six hours” – something that you could never have imagined previously.

Funny how things turn out.  :)

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