Accidental Hero

Phil sent an interesting link today:

“…Lynch says that a Native American soldier, Private Lori Piestewa, a woman with two daughters, was the one that went down shooting. But an “Indian” wouldn’t fit the bill for a heroine for the Bush Cartel, not when Bush wants everyone to think he’s a cowboy. And then there is Shoshana Johnson, an African-American woman, who fought off the Iraqis and sustained injuries. Blonde girls from West Virginia trump a black woman in the world of Bush’s Ministry of Truth.”

4 thoughts on “Accidental Hero”

  1. One of my friends mentioned that to me the other day.

    You know, I don’t want to disrespect Pvt. Lynch. I think she’s stuck in a bad position in that she’s being used as a pawn, probably even knows it, but can’t graciously escape the role into which she’s been forced. I feel bad for her…I just don’t understand how anyone, even right from the start, could fail to see through this transparent attempt at distraction from the real issues that the administration’s manipulation of the media in making a “hero” of Jessica Lynch is. I’m grateful to our soldiers, truly I am, but this is an insult to all of them, yes, even Pvt. Lynch.

  2. That’s what the article was saying:

    “…And what does Jessica Lynch do? She has the nerve to toss out the script the propagandists wrote for her. She has the audacity to speak for herself. She has the American heartland respect for the truth. She became a hero, in an entirely different role than the Bush Cartel wrote for her.

    Jessica Lynch, the young woman who joined the army after she was turned down for a position at Wal-Mart has something no one else in the Bush Cartel has — or anyone in the fawning corporate media — or anyone of the braying “amen choir” of millionaire GOP television and radio pundits: Jessica Lynch has integrity.”

  3. wandringsoul

    I think it will be interesting in January when Hustler print the photos of her prancing about in nothing but a thong with several other soldiers…showing that she’s not ‘Joan of Arc’ as they put it…a woman unable to even get a job at Wal-Mart. She didn’t join the army cos she was brave, she joined it cos she was too stupid for anyone else to employ.

    She isn’t brave, she was captured on her knees because she couldn’t figure out why her gun wouldn’t work. (Pull the trigger…)

    She doesn’t have integrity, she’s just too stupid to understand the implications of what’s happened.

    But – she’s just received a $600,000 advance for the book of her time there. I wonder if she’ll write it herself.

  4. I think the fact that she’s trying to not allow them to make this paper hero out of her proves that she’s a decent person. You can’t help being “white trash” -god knows I am- you can’t help a lot of the things that life hands you, but what you can do is to rise above all of your limitations. That’s the key to success in life, in whatever form that might take. It doesn’t matter that she’ll take the money for the book -again, I sure as hell would- what matters is that she is still saying that they lied, and they used her. Points to her for that.

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