Ravven: Secrets & Lies

Wow. The bio below was written a few years ago, so it is probably time for an update. I have currently given up managing web teams and turning out Magento ecommerce sites for clients, and am facing the scary prospect of building a new career in a very uncertain economic climate. I no longer feel as though I need to chew my foot off to get out (one way or another, I escaped!) but new paths are as yet unclear. I am still gaming a lot, reading even more, doing artwork for book and CD covers, and am still loving the UK.

I sold my last horse, so am now an ex-dressage rider, and our household has gone down to an all-time low of three cats. I do, however, have this insane desire for a pet Fennec Fox. I will have you…yes, my precious, I will. :D

I still love vodka and Pepsi, I am not playing EVE but am looking forward to GW2, and I still have the hots for Zoe. What can I say?

Old Bio:

RavvenI am a web developer/designer, specialising in UI/UX design, SEO, and information architecture, usually for ecommerce or social networking sites. I also do a lot of digital art and photography, and am interested in game design and community-as-game concepts.

On a personal basis, I’m originally from the US, but now permanently resident in the UK. I read too much, I play too much Warcraft and EVE Online, and I ride (dressage). I used to fence sabre until I blew my knee out in the Nationals. (Pacific Coast Silver Medal, aeons ago.) We live in a house in an English market town, have two cats, a horse, two ferrets and a giant African rat named Aja. I’m younger than Madonna, older than your mom…but cuter. :D

My art portfolio can be viewed at deviantART.

Likes: Vodka and Pepsi, all-black clothing, reading on rainy days, the smell of a horse’s neck, Zoe from Firefly, and eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough. Dislikes: epeen, cigarettes, and rudeness. One can be cruel, but one should never be coarse. :)

I write a lot about gaming, but also personal things, art, books, movies…if you want to just read about Warcraft, you’ll be disappointed.