a very small post on EQ2

I was a bit bored this weekend, and in my search for something new to do I thought I would try Everquest 2 again. I played it about the same amount of time that I did during the first trial…about fifteen minutes. That is obviously nowhere near enough time to form a defensible opinion, so this in no way resembles a review. It’s merely my initial impression, which is…unplayable.

Seriously. I know that there are tons of longtime fans of this game. It was many people’s first MMO experience, and many people are still happily playing. I started with Warcraft, however, and moved on to games such as Warhammer, EVE, a few months playing LotRO, Aion, Age on Conan, etc. – all more modern games with better graphics. I expected the graphics to be very basic (as indeed they were). But the thing that I absolutely hated was combat. I felt so disassociated from the game. The character seemed quite stiff, and there was a noticeable time interval between pushing a button and the character actually doing anything.

I understand that the crafting/professions system is quite good in EQ2. But I never got to experience it, because my main feeling in the starting area was:

I. Cannot. Play. This.

2 thoughts on “a very small post on EQ2”

  1. Personally I think EQ2 is great. However I’ve played it on and off for three years and my highest characters are not even close to max level.

    I think it’s a harder game to jump into especially after playing WoW.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how much they love it. And I totally expected the graphics to show a bit of age, that’s fine…I just felt like there was such a huge gulf between what I was doing and what my character was doing. :(

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