A Plethora of Pets

Lunch at my desk again. I needed to work through lunch to try to take advantage of the quiet while everyone else was out, but it’s not working out that way. I do have cherry pie, though. Everything is better with cherry pie. (I’m upgrading the old version of the Prototype javascript library that Magento ecommerce software uses, so that I can use jQuery without conflicts, and I’m terrified that I’m going to break the live -yep, live, I like living dangerously- site that I’m working on).

But back to pets. Lots and lots of pets. A positive menagerie of pets. I feel like rubbing my huntery hands together and hissing “precious…my preciousssss”. I now have room for every pet my greedy little heart desires.

At the moment, I have:

  • Merihim, my oil stained worg.
  • Lernaea, my crocolisk who thinks she’s a three-headed hydra
  • Pantalaimon, my black lion
  • Ennui, my black armoured boar from Razorfen Kraul

I haven’t played much since the patch because I’ve been exhausted after work, but I do have a sneaky suspicion that this weekend I’ll be collecting pets rather than working on the test dummies trying to find the perfect rotation. I need MOAR PETS!

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