A Horse of My Very Own

Today I was doing research into what is possible in horse sims for a potential client. I’d heard of the Pippa Funnell games, and Mary King’s Riding Star, but I was hoping to find examples of online games. Riding Club Championships fits the bill exactly…for anyone who loves horses, or anyone who is still a twelve-year-old girl at heart, this is a VERY fun game.

It looks good, and the horse and rider animations are extremely realistic and fluid, much better than I would have hoped. There are practice exercises, competitions, and a thriving community on the website. All in all, I would give this a 10/10 for what it is. I think that we would have trouble matching this within the timeframe that we are likely to have, which is a reflection of how truly good this is.

I really enjoy playing games at work as research, btw…that totally rocks.  :D

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