A Grimm Legacy by Janna Jennings

The NaNoWriMo first time author contest for 2012 was tough. Both manuscripts were excellent reads, and boy are you in for a treat when both are finally published! In the end, though, we could only choose one, which was a tough job when both were so very good and both manuscripts were so different from each other. Seth Swanson wrote a gripping, immersive tale in Impervious, while Janna Jenning’s A Grimm Legacy was pure twisted fairytale fun. In the end we chose the latter because it was simply closer to being a finished project. Both manuscripts, however, had me eagerly looking forward to picking them up in the evenings and finding out what happened next;  chosing just one was quite difficult.

Next steps for both books:

  • Each will receive detailed beta reader feedback
  • Each will receive a cover
  • Each will receive proofreading after the final draft

A Grimm Legacy will receive a professional edit by Bram Stoker award-winning editor Judi Rohrig and a book tour put together by Kellie Sheridan. (I will be featuring both books here.)

Congratulations to both authors. Watch for these two…they are going to produce some kickass books.


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