A Buttload of Fun

I’m having metric tons of fun in Cataclysm. I brought my pally into the guild alongside my hunter, as I am going to play her along with Kitsune.

The guild that I rejoined is the one which I have been a part of, off and on, since Serpentshrine days. Mainly I was a raider, though – this is the first time that I’ve gone back with the express purpose of being a slacker. Social member, I mean…I mix those two up. It’s the best of both worlds – I can be with old friends whom I’ve known for years, while not having to spend five nights a week with the Type-A anal types who are sometimes very much not fun to spend time with.

I’m fine with being a slacker for a bit…perhaps for always, to be honest. I want to do some runs with people that I really enjoy, such as Miz and Raz and Kaz. (What the hell is up with all of the “Z” names?)

I tell you what, though…since I haven’t played my paladin in ages, I am playing like a total idiot, just the ultimate embarrassing noob. When I logged on to her, all talent points had been reset. Had to look up builds. Hadn’t the faintest idea of what rotation to use. I’d specced her as Holy and Protection (I actually like questing as protection…maybe I’m weird that way.) Let’s put it this way…it will be a very long time before I group with anyone as healer or tank. :) Probably never as tank, to be honest, given what I’ve heard about trying to keep aggro in Cataclysm.

Overall, though?  Great expansion. And I have no problem whatsoever being one of the five million people who were 85 two days after launch. I plan to enjoy this.

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  1. All Z names are inherently cool, you see.

    I have a paladin as like, a 6th alt or something, and the vast array of changes made him very intimidating to even think about logging into. I finally did it today and had to spend a half hour reading up on how 2 play, then another hour or so of gentle questing and UI tweaking/keybinding to adapt to the holy power stuff. I only barely had him at level 80 and didn’t bother gearing him up so mobs in Vashj’ir are taking a *long* time to kill… and I’m a long way from being able to queue for any dungeons, which is probably for the best :D

    So I think it’s hard not to feel like a total idiot on a paladin right now, really!

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