Remember Wetlands Ghost Runs?

homealone.jpgOne of the things that I’ve missed is exploring. I’m a huge, huge fan of this complex, gorgeous world that Blizzard has created, and while levelling my first characters I loved the actual process of exploring new territory, of filling in my map. With TBC, I get to do that again.

It reminds me of those terrified noob Wetlands runs, from Loch Modan through to Menethil Harbor, the ones where you’re terrified of every croc and spider, because man do you smell good to those critters. The ones where you finally get close enough to res at the graveyard just outside the walls, and you can finally make it in safe.

I’ve been exploring on Kit. Netherstorm, most recently…very interesting environment. I kept up a running commentary to Miz for a bit, until I finally shut up (spoilers ftl). I had to yell to come and look when I reached the biodome, though. How cool is that?

Anyway, new critters, new countryside to explore, new quests…my idea of heaven. :)

4 thoughts on “Remember Wetlands Ghost Runs?”

  1. Hey.

    There are six million WoW players in the world. What are the odds that while doing searches on WoW stuff, I stumble across a blog from someone I actually knew ten years ago.

    Apparently they are 1 in 1. But it is still very odd. Saw your picture. You look great. Apparently England agrees with you. Would love to catch up if you have time.

    Oh, and all my characters are on Feathermoon. *smile*

  2. Hey, great to see you again! I always wonder how the old team is doing, and I’m only in contact with a few people. Write me sometime – it would be nice to hear how things are going. So, a fellow Warcrack addict, hmmn? :D I know that Andrew plays, but I’m not sure if anyone else does. Talk to you later…

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