I am a putz.

I went in this morning, composed a very professional letter of resignation, and as soon as my boss came in I asked for a few minutes, closed the door, handed him the letter, and said “this is my letter of resignation.” Things went downhill from there. I was in there for an hour, he was trying to find out what they could do to make things right, I insisted that I was unhappy and this wasn’t the professional path that I wanted to follow, and I was set on going. He couldn’t offer me more money, as there is none…I knew that already.

And eventually I folded, and took the letter back, as he kept urging me to do. I am a putz and an idiot. It must be like women in abusive relationships, where no one can understand why they don’t just LEAVE. I felt miserable, but couldn’t find the backbone to say “no, there’s nothing that you can say that will make me stay.” I folded.

I know I’m shit-scared about not finding another job right away, that is part of it. I know a lot of of talented and experienced people that are looking right now, and it scares me. But still…I hate myself right now.

On to the job sites…

2 thoughts on “750”

  1. I’m sure something will come up soon. At least in the meantime your boss knows exactly how unhappy you are. Hopefully he might do something about the situation. Good luck with the job hunting.

  2. *big hug*

    Just make sure you keep applying and updating that CV. :) At least he’s aware now, AND you should keep a copy of that letter printed and ready for when you DO get annoyed enough to finally go. :)

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