Kip is very lame again, and so will have to cancel lessons until I can keep him sound for more than a week or so at a time. So depressed this afternoon. Tried to kill myself with sugar (Thornton’s chocolate caramel shortbread), then salt (Morrison’s sunflower seeds – yaay, the first I’ve found in the UK), then alcohol (vodka and pepsi – probably an acquired taste). Anyway, all attempts were to no avail, so I will unfortunately have to go to work tomorrow morning.

I’m not sure what to do about Kip…just turn him out, I suppose, until all of the work-related issues, takeovers and redundancies are sorted, and then have the vet come out for extensive tests. What do I need to do in order to keep this horse sound? It’s going to be difficult, for one thing, without the help of a proper farrier. That’s one thing that I really, really miss about the States; I’ve had the hardest time getting farriers to actually show up, and the pair locally that DO show up seem to shoe horses on a factory-line basis, as though the stopwatch was running. Forget talking to them about hoof balance or pastern angles, and forget talking to them about options such as pads, etc. They don’t want to hear it. Several people at the stable are opting to only trim their horses and use boots such as Boa boots or Old Mac boots. It’s ridiculous.

I just want so much, there is so much that I want to achieve, and I’ll never do it if Kip can’t stay sound. I don’t want to give up on everything, but I can’t sell him (he’s my sweetie and my love), and I can’t afford another horse. I’m running out of time…falls and stiffness become more and more of a problem with every passing year and realistically I don’t have years to put into this.


In other news, hometown boy Lee Pearson is in the running for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. If you wish, you can vote for him here. He’s won three gold medals at both the Athens and Sydney Paralympics, and also won in open competition against able-bodied riders in the National Dressage Championships. We’re quite proud of him around here. :)

Poo. I suppose that we should think about dinner at some point. But I was too depressed this weekend to do any dishes, and the kitchen is a wreck…everything is poo.

4 thoughts on “658”

  1. You must have a bit of a sweet tooth, I tried those thorntons caramel shortbreads a few days ago and i could only eat one, they are very sickly and sweet.

  2. Ack! lameness NO fun, as I’ve recently experienced. I’ve been blessed with 6 years of soundness with only Dot pulling up dead lame on occasion (which when you are 20+, arthritic and have bones fused together is to be expected). Well, okay not quite. Drakkara was head bobbing this summer too.

    Anycase, it’s wretched! I know many a lame horse now sound but somehow my mind can only say ‘oh no, it’s the end!!’

    bad mind, bad

    love to Kip and good healing thoughts

  3. Yes, they were sweet. But good. :) Phil makes something similar, less sweet, with thicker chocolate…VERY good.

  4. Thanks. :) It’s just so discouraging. Horses aren’t cheap to keep, by any means, and it’s frustrating when they’re just ouchy-footed eating machines with huge vet bills.

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