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  1. I’m still on vacation – it’s one of the baby rats that we recently acquired. I normally let the rats run around on my desk while I work, but these two are so tiny…tiny enough to squeeze into the printer. Now I’m just hoping she’ll come out of her own volition!

  2. Yeah, yeah, very funny everyone. Problem solved…she came out, with only minor chewing noises while she was in there.

  3. virexmachina

    My girlfriend’s cat likes to attack the printer while its printing. And my ferret likes to stick his nose in my computers exaust fan.

    Glad you got the silly thing out.

  4. Haha…no, the giant rats would barely fit into an empty computer case, let alone squeeze through the sheet feeder of a printer. ;) I’ve seen the articles about them being used to find land mines, and that’s interesting – sad, though, as the largest ones ARE used a suicide squads to explode unretrievable mines. They also eat them – they’re a cheap source of meat. :(

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