Well, I’m finally here. The trip into the US was fairly uneventful, although seating was cramped and I didn’t sleep. There was a big guy on either side of me and I knew if I dozed off I would wake with my head on a stranger’s shoulder, drooling on his jacket. ;) The meetings were fine; they have a good crew there. Got done early, and the limo driver took me back to the airport at 12:30 so that I could catch the first plane out to the west coast. There the trouble began.

The first flight out (that I could afford) wasn’t until 8:30 that night. It rained, and we ended up finally leaving at 10:30 or so, so of course I missed my connecting flight in Las Vegas and was stranded at the airport all night. I walked the hallways all night to stay awake; it was very strange, as the airport was silent and empty – I felt like a ghost. I finally got into Medford, Oregon around 1:00 the next day.

Anyway, I’m here, and it’s wonderful to see my family again; I’ve missed everyone so much. Morgaine should be here soon. :)

Two funny things did happen on the flight: we were waiting for the plane in Manchester, and Phil said that it was good that there were no nuns on the flight. ??? Well, of course, in disaster movies you always have to have a nun on the plane; not having one meant we probably wouldn’t crash. ;)

On the flight from Vegas, the stewardess made an announcement that it was the captain’s last flight, as he was retiring. She asked that we could all give him a big round of applause as he came onto the plane, which we did. Everyone was clapping as a guy in a t-shirt holding a carryon walked on, with a totally dumbstruck look to see a plane full of people applauding his entrance onto the plane with such enthusiasm. The stewardess quickly said “Not, yet – HERE comes the captain.” :)

I’ll write again soon. Best to you all.

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  1. mind if i add you?
    found you on a search while i was bored, and looking under ‘leek’
    i visited there in march on an english exchange [im canadian] through school and your journal struck interest.
    may i also add, that i’m completley jealous that you moved to the uk [esp in that particular location] from the us.
    my mind has been infatuated with the leek area and wetton (where i stayed) ever since i went, and i hope that one day i can go back.
    enough of that novel.
    add me back :)

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