I feel so great today…almost idiotically happy. At lunch I went for a walk along the canal path, and I brought back a twig with fuzzy catkins on it. It’s sitting on my desk so that I can run a finger along the grey softness now and then, a tiny reminder that spring is almost here. Even the Bad Feeling Fairy sitting near me cannot spoil my mood; she shoots negative thoughts at me which are deflected by the shining armour of my happiness. :)

I love spring. I love warm weather. I love people walking boxer dogs and small red-headed children. I love the Canadian geese on the lawn outside my window here. Today is a good day.

9 thoughts on “502”

  1. wandringsoul

    “Bad Feeling Fairy” (??)

    OK miss…can you please step away from the keyboard…

    Thaaaaat’s right…slowly now, keep your hands where we can see them…

    Ok…now this won’t hurt a bit…just a tiny little needle…

  2. *beams* YAY! :) It’s lovely to see you feeling happier. These winters in the UK seem to last for ages. I now understand why Spring is such a big deal here. In Georgia, it was an undistinctive change in temperature and flora. Here, it’s like a big orchestra of things – daffies, sunshine, warmer temps, primroses, buds on every tree. It’s fab! :)

    As for the bad fairy, *hands you a jar and a little net* catch her, and stuff her in the jar. Don’t forget the air holes in the top though. :)

  3. Isn’t it wonderful here? I really love the dramatic change of seasons. As for the jar, I’d need a damn big one. lol…

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