I went for a ride tonight, in the outdoor arena, at dusk shading into darkness. Kip was wonderful, and didn’t shy or get nervous, even though the birds were roosting noisily in the trees along the fence. What a good boy. :)

I feel more energetic tonight, which perhaps has something to do with this being the first day without constant meetings in a long while. Did a lot of work on the templates for the site, as well as the new stylesheets. Finished by starting work on a lot of the product images, which in present form are unusable – that part is going to take AGES. Ah, well.

I want to plan a trip home as soon as I can – I really miss my family and I am worried about my mom. I may get it paid for, actually, as there is talk about JSP developer training in San Mateo, and I may be able to stretch out the trip by a week. That would be nice.

We’re too busy this weekend, but I am dying to go back to the falconry place for another hunting day. I need a fix.

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