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Vogue does Alice in Wonderland. Some of it nicely done, in the proper disturbing Victorian child-porn manner. Some of it too Vogue-y. But still worth a look.

Secondly, I am bored tonight. And lonely. Just thought I’d share.

Thirdly, I’ve broken my resolutions to a) be more positive and not amuse myself by thinking terrible things about people, b) to not be so angry all the time, and c) to not use such terrible language. Well, what the fuck.

I’ve been bored (I’m sorry, did I already mention that?) and I’ve been reading The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans. Decent book by the author of The Horse Whisperer, the movie version of which I cannot watch without tears streaming down my face. I cry because (oops, here comes another list): a) the girl looks veryveryvery much like my daughter. Face, mannerisms, everything; b) I had a friend die in a horse-related accident (the horse fell on her, presumably, and trampled her as she rose. She would have survived had she been wearing a helmet.); c) The scene in the kitchen where the daughter finally tells Robert Redford about the accident.

Sorry, I am aimlessly wandering tonight. It’s one of those nights.

I resolve to be more pro-active this year. I will be the sleeping princess who wakes herself up.

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