My baby priest, forgotten for so long, hit 58 and started questing in Outlands this weekend. (Actually, her hearthstone has been set in Shattrah for some time, and she started grinding in Hellfire at 56, but she couldn’t take any quests and killing mobs was quite slow for her.) She’s flying through quests now, and I’m really enjoying playing her. Eventually she’ll be holy, as I have enough ranged dps characters…look out, better bring bandages!  :)

I finally got Conan to work, and I now have a baby Dark Templar. It reminds me an awful lot of Guild Wars, actually, in that at this point it really doesn’t feel like an MMO. It might be different when/if I get out of Tortage, but we’ll see. It’s all of the instancing, all of the loading screens…it just doesn’t feel like a world yet. And I know that people sneer at WoW’s “cartoon” graphic style, but to me Warcraft just feels more immersive and more real. Being in the Barrens in the early morning or late afternoon, with the light slanting across the grass, and seeing a herd of gazelle run by you…that is very beautiful and very real.

On the downside, I am having connection problems. Everything froze twice last night in Black Temple, which can be disastrous on Teron Gorefiend.  I had to totally reboot my machine. Lag is horrendous. This coming weekend we’re going to bite the bullet and redo both of our machines with new memory, motherboard/chipset combos, etc., and do a clean reinstall of everything. Hopefully that will fix it.

All in all, it was a very good weekend. It was a bank holiday in the UK, and we took Friday and Tuesday off as well. I get spoilt so easily…it was very hard coming back to work today.  :)

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  1. jorgejarocho

    Keep it up with your priest. I don’t recommend you to go holy right now since pallys, shamans and druids have the healing department well covered for now (faster and cheaper heals, more mana efficient than holy/disc priest) Stay shadow for a while after you get to 70 and get fun with it.

    See you around.

    -Jorge Jarocho-

  2. Thanks, Jorge – I am having fun with her. She’s finally starting to pick up some better gear, and questing is great. I really look forward to doing a first instance with her.

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