Well, our net connection today is varying between “slim” and “none”, so I won’t risk trying to write an actual post. Instead, I will share a link that Miz just sent me to an awesome political rant. (Possibly not interesting to you if you’re not political, possibly not interesting if you’re not an expat, embittered American): Deus Ex Malcontent.

I’ll make this quick and dirty.

Can we finally beat the living shit out of George Bush?

I realize that the mere suggestion of physical aggression toward a sitting president — regardless of its basis in satire — is often likely to warrant some kind of response from the Secret Service. But honestly, haven’t we reached the point where we can come together as a country and just admit that this particular president really needs a serious ass-kicking? Over the past eight years, he’s lied to push us into a war that’s killed thousands of Americans and destroyed our reputation around the world, trampled our civil liberties, drowned the city of New Orleans, decimated the economy, halted scientific progress in the name of idiotic superstition, murdered the English language and through bald-faced incompetence, fucked us in every way possible while turning the same smug smirk our way over and over again as he does it — and now he says he’s given up golf in a show of solidarity with our war-ravaged troops and is comparing Barack Obama, a guy who was smarter in Pre-K than Bush is today, to those who tried to appease the Nazis in the lead-up to World War II (this last obscene indignity commited on foreign soil, essentially a violation of a gentleman’s agreement aimed at preventing petty infighting in front of the neighbors).

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