We killed Vashj last night, on our fourth try. I love those moments, that’s why I raid…all the screams over TeamSpeak, everyone jabbering in chat, announcing it in General…I think we’d announce it to the whole server if we could. Everyone was on a high.

This feels especially good since we’ve had attrition recently, as various guildmembers have slipped off to join higher-level guilds. (Including one of the main tanks.) Every guild goes through slumps, where raid nights have to be cancelled because people don’t want to “waste” a night on a progress run.

As I had posted to one of the I’m-leaving-the-guild posts:

Good luck and best wishes.

I think that most of us understand your frustrations. I hate sitting there doing nothing, watching buffs and flasks tick down, losing focus while people are DC’d or afk or whatever…sometimes I don’t even know what we’re sitting around waiting for.

But you know what? The reason that I joined the guild and then talked Miz into coming in, was because my first raids with SoF were so much fun. There was direction and purpose, but people also made jokes and laughed and sang Queen songs over TS, which fucking rocks in my book. Smile I think we’ve lost a bit of that, raids aren’t as fun lately…and that’s sad.

I think it’s a decision that a lot of similar guilds come to: how to balance progression and retaining a casual-friendly atmosphere. [some personal stuff] I want the fun back, I want fast runs where everyone knows their job. I want singing on TS, and I want to get those last two damned bosses down, so we can go on to kick ass in new encounters. Smile And I hope we all stick together while we work things out.

And the best part of the evening last night? When the aforementioned tank, who didn’t want to leave the guild before he was formally accepted into his new more progressive one, said very quietly “I’m probably the least welcome person to say this, but grats on the kill”.

Hey, I never claimed to not be a petty person. :)

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