5 thoughts on “<3 <3 <3”

  1. The stunt woman, definitely.

    I *know* who River is, silly. She’s a sexy little thing too, but I want a woman I can actually threaten people with.

    “Say that again, pal, and my girlfriend will snap your spine with a spin kick.”

  2. Thanks for the link, she seems composed entirely of awesome.

    I’m also a huge Zoe Bell fan, so I must just have a thing for stunt women.

    You know, I must be exactly in the middle of the Dom/Sub spectrum. Women I can dominate bore me, and I have no interest in being submissive.

    I want to be *challenged*. That’s hot.

  3. I’d never heard of Zoe Bell – but obviously I’ve seen her work. Kill Bill is one of my favourite movies, and I love her stunt work in that. I never watched Xena.

    Regarding challenging women, you know I have a mad crush on Zoe Alleyne from Firefly (and the actress who plays her, Gina Torres). As Wash once said in an episode, “if you’ve never been with a warrior woman, well…” Something to that effect, anyway, with lots of eyebrow waggle. :D

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