Omigod, we’re infested with rats! Not infested, actually, just two. And three ferrets. :) This is Hermione. Kylie is too fat and bad-tempered to come out of the cage. Ok, she bit me, so she’s in there reconsidering her evil ways.

The skull on my desk is of mysterious origin (I think it’s my nephews’ dog Jake). The kids brought it to me when I was visiting the ranch, thinking that it was a small sheep or deer skull…but it looks more canine to me. I couldn’t bear to tell them that it was probably their dog Jakey, who disappeared the winter before. :(

Phil is downstairs playing SOCOM. I’m bored. I should start the work that I need to on Spiraldance, but I just can’t. I can’t spend all day on the computer at work, and then come home and do it for fun. The fun is gone…and that makes me sad.

8 thoughts on “256”

  1. aleraechraidhe

    They remind me of Pink and Brain, mine and my ex-boyfriends rats and also Asheeka and Abala, mine and my sister Nerak’s. They’re adorable!

    We’re thinking of getting a pair after leave .. but I think we have to wait and find out if they’re sending us to another country or not for next deployment. =(

    I miss my babies!


  2. virexmachina

    Oh man… you have ferrets and mice? Ya… maybe you will end up with more skulls. o_O Ferrets are hunters… and the hunt rodents…
    Be careful! :D

  3. Rats are great – very intelligent. Many of them have very unique personalities. The one in the picture, especially; it’s a shame that they’re so short-lived, because I will miss her.

  4. lol…not together! :) The ferrets live outside, where they can play in their run and make evil gestures at the neighbor’s cat. The ratties are inside. I don’t think they’d fare well. After seeing a ferret take on a golden retriever, I think they could have a go at just about anything!

  5. wandringsoul

    Hahaha – Kylie – reconsider her evil ways?? That’s like Hitler embracing Buddhism…

  6. virexmachina

    heck ya… mine put a bloodhound into submiton. :D
    Thats cool… you’res are outside…

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