I’ve been helping Miz level her mage, and having a lot of fun doing it. Major pew-pew is always fun. I don’t know how people buy 70s and even hope to play them, however – the highest level mage I’ve had is 35-36, and aside from a few key features, I’m rather lost on Miz. It would take time to learn to really play her properly, in a raid situation, since I hadn’t levelled her myself. Bringing her to 70 will give us a collective total of five 70s, and I’ll have time before the next expansion to bring my priest to 70 if I cared to. I think I’ll have to handle this expansion differently than I did TBC – I basically levelled two characters at the same time, completing the same zones together. Kit was a bit ahead since I wanted to see the new content on her first, but it was much slower levelling two characters. It would both be difficult and not pleasant to do that with three…repeating the same content over again without a break. So who will I level? Ravven is most needed in raids, but Kit is the one that I love. Tough decision. Plus I’ll have to do the obligatory Shadow Knight, of course…I’m really looking forward to them becoming the “new hunter”. *evil grin*

Lots of guild drama right now. The warlock class leader/raid leader, who was probably the strongest player in the guild, left. The shaman that I loved raiding with left. Other people left over the personal spats which seem to be happening right and left. One of the shadow priests is in the lock channel, and so one of the locks won’t stay in the channel because they’re currently not getting along. The hunter leader, who leads the Kara raid that I refuse to join anymore, has been made one of the official raid leaders, so I suppose he’ll be leading 25 mans now and then, giving every drop possible to his wife on a plate.

*sigh* Not sure what to do. I know that this type of drama passes…but I still have the issue of the raid times being too early for me to make. I refuse to come in late – it would piss me off if someone else was allowed to do that. Plus I’d be raiding at half dkp, and would be at a great disadvantage in bidding for gear. If they don’t change it, I’ll probably leave as well, and either look for another guild with later raid times, or move back to Aggramar.

wow_0807lg.jpgI love Moonglade, though. I love most of the people, I love the odd bits of roleplay that I stumble across. I want to stay here. I might move Kit back, since her reason for being in that guild is no longer there…we’d have a set instance team of Miz, two rl friends (druid tank and priest) and other old friends that can fill in. We could do heroics on every non-raid night. But Kit is the character that should be on an rp server…she’s always had her own history and personality from the very start. Ravven doesn’t, never has. I’m not sure what to do.

I hate drama…

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  1. I came from a broken guild. The day u log on and see the guild massage of the day being “*** is dead. Thx all, was fun and gl” will not be remembered as a jolly good one.

    One advise, look for a new guild, and even a new server (to find better raiding hours). If your on an EST server, move west.
    If you look for a new guild on your server, The sooner – the better, before the rest of the guilies will start to. Machiavellian, but true.

  2. I’m on an EU realm, Moonglade. The problem with guilds on EU servers is that 7:00pm server time is 6:00pm UK time, but in other countries it may be 8:00pm. It makes scheduling raids to suit everyone quite difficult. It’s the same problem in the States, but you do have servers in the different timezones, which helps.

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