You think you hate PvP

First, a link to a post that I rather liked: West Karana’s You think you hate pvp but you don’t. I couldn’t agree more…that is why I love (some) pvp. I’ve qualified it because I couldn’t be bothered to try to level on a pvp server…STV is bad enough without it being a gankfest. And I hate WSG because every single one that I’ve been in, Alliance has been steamrollered by Horde. I love AV and now Eye of the Storm because we’re the ones doing the steamrollering. :D

I’ve been too busy to write, too busy to think, to busy to do anything other than fall into bed at night. I can’t wait for launch…if we survive.

I’ve spent a bit of time levelling tailoring on the mage that my partner moved to Moonglade. I quite like professions – it’s a challenge to do it in the most economical way. I’ll probably level her a bit rather than playing Kit, so I can help get her to 70 so we can play together…I’ve very much missed that, and felt quite lonely in my endless pugs.

One of the people that I joined Kit’s guild for has left, which is unfortunate. He’s one of the best tanks that I’ve ever played with, and a very nice as well. Meh.

Well, back to work. SSC tonight…if I can stay awake. I’m soooo, sooo tired, and I can’t stop coughing. It’s not a cold, there’s something off with my throat. Meh. Meh. Meh…the sound a sheep makes.

I’m not even going to explain that reference. :)

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