Well, this month just flew by. I spent a lot of it feeling rather rubbish, with my insides trying to superglue themselves into new and unfavourable configurations everytime I tried to sit at a desk and work. One month on, however, and I am starting to feel a lot better.

I did my taxes finally, and almost had a heart attack at the amount of tax I had to pay. This was made worse by the realisation that I had to pay half of my predicted tax for next year as well, which was just lemon juice in the wound. AND the amount that I had pre-paid in advance last year wasn’t applied to these taxes and couldn’t be deducted. Surely that’s not right? I’m not expected to say “Here, have a £3k tip for allowing me to work?” I definitely need a tax person. :(

Aside from that I haven’t been doing much, just trying to get better and work through the cover backlog. No real gaming to speak of, since it’s tough to spend too many hours at the desk. I played a bit with the character creator in Black Desert which was fun, but as always slanted towards doll-like young characters. Still subbed to FFXIV, although I haven’t been doing much there, either.

Reading: until my eyes fall out
TV: bingewatching
Painkillers: trying to not take any
Boredom level: max

February is always my least favourite month, so I’m not going to waste any time hoping for a better month. March is going to be my bitch, though. :)


Black Desert

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