2010 Can Kiss Mah Butt

2010 hasn’t been one of my most favourite years ever, to be honest. In terms of suckability it definitely ranks right up there with any years short of those containing a personal experience with a major natural disaster or life-threatening disease.

What were the highlights of 2010? Let’s recap.

  1. My mother died this spring after a long battle with motor neuron disease (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
  2. Although I’d rushed my tickets back to the States to be with her, I was late by a matter of a few days. I was in time for the funeral, though.
  3. My father is currently struggling with cancer, and is at this writing in the hospital recovering from an extremely major surgery to try to take the most virulent bits out.
  4. The job situation you all know about.
  5. We’re broke. When you go from making £65k to less than half that, it’s tough – you still have all of the debts from your previous lifestyle. On the other hand, however, you learn that you can be happy without all of the toys and luxuries, so I suppose that was a very good lesson to learn.
  6. Depression has been…grim. Grim in a very dark and scary way.
  7. My daughter and I just started speaking again, after a very long estrangement (not of my choice). She just had a baby, which makes me a…I can’t say it! Bad influence, I suppose. :)
  8. This weekend I bit down at the wrong angle, and heard/felt a terrible crunch as a tooth on the bottom in front broke under the gumline. It’s still there, and I’m careful to keep it there until I can get to a dentist, but it hurts like a BASTARD. Cold things hurt. Hot things hurt. I daren’t bite anything.
  9. And this morning? The water pipes at the house have frozen. If they’re in the ceiling, if they’ve burst, if they’ve burst in the ceiling, it’s going to be bad. Fingers crossed.

So as far as I’m concerned, 2010 can kiss my damn butt and get the hell out the door, the sooner the better. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Here’s hoping and praying for a better year next year.

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