2003, Day Two

Had a very quiet and somewhat melancholy New Year’s Eve. We stayed in and watched TV…Phil would have gone out, I think, had I asked, but there didn’t seem to be any point to it. It was fine, we did have a good time together.

I’ve been thinking about new projects…it’s been ages since I worked on anything new. It’s a new year, and all roads are open. I just need to decide where I want to go…and do it! A good feeling, that, if a bit scary (as change always is). Anyway, I bought art supplies, watercolours and paper, etc. It’s been so long that I no longer had any art supplies in the house, not even a pencil! Ridiculous. I’ve been thinking about a multimedia version of the Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti. I think it would be interesting visually.

I’ve been reading quite a good dark fantasy book, Changeling by…shit, someone, blank on the name right now…not worth going downstairs to look it up. ;P It’s a modern twist on the Rumplestiltskin fable. I’ve always been interested in darker twists of faery tales, and this is a very good one.

Better do some work. Happy New Year to you all. :)

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