Pre-BC Ennui

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the various forums and blogs about people who basically don’t feel like playing until TBC comes out. Raiding seems a bit pointless now, less for our guild who are doing, and will still be doing, Naxx – but much more so for guilds who are still struggling with BWL and MC. Why bother?

I’ve been lucky – I’m still having an enormous amount of fun. My hunter has finally dinged 60, and I am learning what a hunter’s role in raids is. I have pets that I want to tame (one of the panthers from ZG, which I will call Sorrow, and one of the Bloodaxe Worgs from LBRS, which I will call Navarre. Both of those are Ladyhawke references, in case you didn’t know – Navarre from Rutger Hauer’s character who was a black wolf at night, and Sorrow from the conversation between Phillippe the Mouse and Ysabeau:

“Are you flesh, or are you spirit?”
“I am sorrow.”

One of my favourite movie lines…

Raiding on Ravven is still pretty boring, as raiding tends to be. I need to start PvPing with her a bit, to see if I can get to like it with a lock. I love it with my hunter, and I’m hoping that I will make Knight by next Wednesday.

And I am very much looking forward to starting my Draenei. :D

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