Not much to say today. The signing didn’t go very well. Due to some stupid rule they have about 100% mortgages, there is a 5 or 7 day “cooling off period.” They didn’t tell us about this, even though we stressed over and over that we had to complete by the 23rd, as Jill will be out of the country from then until the end of July. Her condition was that we complete either before that date, or in July. The solicitor wouldn’t make an appointment for earlier in the week, even knowing about this condition, but instead could only see us on Friday. So we’re out of luck, and will have to wait to move until late July.

Needless to say, that blows.

I was in shock. I broke down in tears in the office, and have spent the weekend in a fog, drinking vodka. I don’t know what we’ll do. We have to be out of here, as Kay has the place rented, and although we could probably stay at Phil’s parents and farm all the boxes and furniture out to various people’s garages, the thought of all the extra work and stress just makes me feel like curling up for a nap and never waking up. Plus there’s the problem with the animals. What will we do with them?

God, what a mess. Assholes. I know I’ve said it before, but MORTGAGE POINT SUCKS. So does LEADBEATER AND KAY. Bastards, assholes, weaseldicks. There. I have that out of my system for a bit.


Plus, to add insult to injury, the combi-boiler gave up the ghost again. No hot water. Finally reached Kay, who is out of town until Monday night. Isn’t that special?

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