Every time we have a gorgeous, sunny spring day, a break from the seemingly-incessant grey wet days, a day when the daffodils are brilliant against the grass and the lambs are chasing each other through the fields, a day when I’m driving home eagerly anticipating riding that night…the car breaks down. It never fails.

Yesterday the clutch cable snapped as I was driving through Stafford. I got the car towed, and Phil had to come and pick me up, which meant something like a 2 1/2 hour trip all told. *sigh*

The deadline for basic launch has been pushed back a bit (not our fault), which is a BIG relief. When I meet with people regarding the project and tell them what our initial timeline was, there is this standard look of incredulity…quite amusing, really, unless you consider the toll that it’s taken on all of us. What I had agreed to deliver by basic launch (outside testing) was a barebones set of basic functionality in all areas, no frills; it was decided that we should deliver the project in a more finished format. Thank all the gods.

Had a good meeting yesterday, wherein I got approval for two junior developers, a product manager/content coordinator, and a data analyst. Plus a development box and a new machine for myself, as I need to start work after basic launch on game development. :)

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  1. the car before my current one had a very bad habit of snapping clutch cables, so much so that I used to carry a spare with me all the time (still have it somewhere I expect!) and also got quite accomplished at driving long distances witout the use of a clutch …

    Sounds really good on the work front!

  2. That’s so odd…this car is on its second clutch cable. When I picked it up last night, they’d adjusted it wrong, first and second were impossible, and I ended up driving the 30 miles home in third. :(

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