low tech

Hi Tech SchedulingThis is where I work. On my desk is a pad of lined paper and every week I write down what everyone on the team is doing, which projects have priority. As things are completed, they’re crossed off. If I have too much for a single page, that’s too much for the week, and things are rescheduled. At the end of the week, anything not finished is carried over to the next sheet, and I start again.

Low-tech, certainly – but it works. I make my living creating tech applications, and the project that I am working on right now has calendaring and scheduling functions. I have project management software. But this still works.

It’s a reminder that we shouldn’t get too big for our britches, and too impressed with what we’re doing. It’s keeping things on a personal level, in my unreadable scratchy handwriting and doodles. It’s more real than project management software.

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