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  1. wandringsoul

    But go on – share what kept you away from playing with your brand new shiny toy last night…?

  2. wandringsoul

    Uh huh…. so you were in bed when your Warlock hit lvl 12…? That’s a good trick, wish my characters could level in my absence!

    : )

  3. ooooo, a nano? schweet.

    and, good luck with yer warlock ;). I have a 16lock, 18 pally on the Dalaran server and a 15 Hunter on Sen’jin, just FYI, hehe. I like the warlock’s ability to distance-attack; which is why I like my hunter a lot for his bow.


    make sure wandringsoul equips you with proper 12-16 slot bags, and a soul shard bag! :)

  4. Nope – no soul shard bags. They’re kind of pointless really – taking up a bag slot. Very few PVE locks carry 20 shards with them, unless they’re doing a full instance (in which case you don’t hope to collect much stuff anyway to fill your other bags), so at the moment she’s better off with as much inventory as possible! PVP is a different story…

    : )

  5. :( It’s too bad you have to play either US or European servers, and are restricted to a certain realm. It makes it difficult to play with friends. :(

    I’m level 16 now. :)

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