One of the best quotes I’ve seen regarding ageing, via Everyday Stranger:

We are less afraid of aging than of you watching us age. -actress Maura Tierney

How true does that feel? Getting older isn’t so bad – you feel the same, although the bod needs extra work. It’s how you feel that other people are perceiving you that is tough, rather like getting used to walking around with a scarred face after a car crash. A feeling of “this isn’t really me.”

I’ve always felt as though I should feel apologetic about it, in a weird way. As though if I’d used the right face cream or whatever it wouldn’t have happened. There’s a tiny voice that I can hear saying “But it wasn’t my fault!”

But enough whingeing, as they say here. I’m just tired after weeks of preparing for trial/initial launch of the site, and also from staying up late to do Molten Core last night in Warcraft. (We wiped at Ragnaros. Three times.)


Another good quote about ageing was from Mae West, who said “Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies!” lol…that’s class. And good for Sophia Loren – I sure as hell won’t have the nerve to pose nude at 72. :)

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