That’s the problem with feeling all happy and hopeful and full of holiday spirit – it sets you up for a big crash.

No Harry Potter yesterday…we were overdrawn by almost £500. I normally don’t check the account very often, as we both make good salaries, we don’t have children or other expensive habits, so we kind of just sail along knowing that there’s more than enough money in the account. Until two vehicles need expensive repair work in the same month, until you have to tax several vehicles rather expensively, until you have vet problems and expenditures like XBox 360s.

So, big problem, especially since I’ll only have one more paycheck…and Christmas is coming.

Everything will be sold, including the horse trailer and Lizzie, if I can find a home for her. Her board check will bounce, anyway, unless I can pull cash off one of the credit cards and put it in the bank. And so everything falls down.

We went to the market to buy a few inexpensive things to see us and the animals through this coming week, and there was a Salvation Army band playing. As we walked by, the Christmas songs seemed so loud and I just wanted to yell “Fuck off!”

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  1. That sucks. I’ve been the victim of mistakes by the bank itself before (and the victim of identity theft) so I check everything daily, use a shredder on all junk mail, keep a spreadsheet, etc.

    It’s crap like this that makes one all ‘anal retentive’ about £.

  2. cadavre__exquis

    Oh hon, that’s terrible. And the holidays make situations like this seem worse. Let us know if you need help with anything.

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry hon. Sounds like me last month after my sister’s visit. We had to eat all the food from the freezer instead of buying food!

    *tight hugs* I hope things look up soon for you guys.

  4. lol…yes, thank the gods for the freezer food! We already decided that we can live for quite a while off the somewhat scary and anonymous packages lurking there…deciding what each one contains might be difficult. :)

  5. I know, we should…identity theft is a huge problem. But money, itself, generally isn’t, until you realise that you’re a lot closer to the bone than you should be. Ah, well…it’s a learning experience. :)

  6. Thanks – much appreciated. :) Yes, the holidays are going to be VERY lean this year. Thank goodness for having no small children or anyone that we really have to buy for. We’ve had our toys recently (that was part of the problem!) so we’ll have to be happy with that. Maybe we can have a really old-fashioned Christmas and give each other warm socks and a stocking with nuts and oranges in it, or whatever that they used to do before there was Toys-R-Us. lol…

  7. catwithclaws

    meh. this hits too close to home to be comfortable — yet been there, so sympathies entirely. comment above about freezer food is a good one :) I had a nearly empty freezer this summer – which was good! it actually worked better with less stuff stuffed in there, once I’d gone through and eaten it all.

  8. *laughs out loud* Your’s must be much more full than our’s. I’m pretty fastidious about repacking any bulk meat we get and relabelling them. I can’t STAND not knowing what the hell I’m supposed to be cooking with in 8 hours or so. *heh*

    *tight squeezes*

  9. These things always seem to happen at the holiday time, mannn, I’ve been there, and know, too well. :-(

  10. Yeah, we’re trying to look on the bright side. :) Although the thought of selling Lizzie makes me feel gutted – literally, as though someone’s cut my insides out.

  11. Sorry you are having a hard time. I’m sure things will work themselves out. You have each other, so things are not totally lost. *hugs*

  12. I hope things turn around for you soon; this is definitely not the time of year to have to be going through what you are. *hugs*

  13. wandringsoul

    …and I’ve said you don’t have to – as long as we can get to next pay day we can survive after that, but I think there’s more to the Lizzie issue – you’ve been so down lately about her tying up and panting, she seems to have totally not adjusted to a change of owner/scenery and now is panic stricken all the time…

    : (

  14. I’m trying to make this one of those really “old fashioned” Christmases, like something out of Dickens – a story where the kids get a knitted scarf and an orange and they all hug their parents and exclaim what lucky children they are. lol…

  15. That’s why this isn’t the best time to try to find a new owner for her…plus, as soon as she bit or kicked someone, I think they’d want to get rid of her. I just don’t see any way around it. Board, plus all of the hay she eats, plus her expensive supplements, plus shoeing and the occasional episode (always on a Sunday) that requires the vet. We have NO way to get the money.

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