I really had to laugh this morning when I read T=Machine’s post about recruitment agents. I can SO relate.  I disliked agencies as an employer, and I am developing a real attitude against them as someone who is looking for work.

What made you think that I might want to relocate to Surrey, or Cambridgeshire? According to my CV, did you actually think that I lived anywhere near London, or the Isle of fucking Man?  Seriously. And if I was prepared to sell the house and relocate, it would probably be for a job that suited my experience…I don’t know what gave you the impression that I am a J2EE developer, but I’m not. The fact that I can do some JSP front-end coding, do different product views for an ecommerce site for example, does not mean that I have anything to do with complex backend coding. And that salary?  It’s half what I normally make a year.

Hmph. Assholes do vex me

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  1. One friend of mine worked for IT-oriented recruiting company in California.

    From what she told me, recruiters need to have fat database. Biggest chunk of their profits comes from getting workers fast and for unwanted positions, often temporary – they get huge premium off their paycheques for that.

    So at least in my friend’s employer company, they weren’t really interested in finding people dream jobs with good perspectives. They were most interested in having huge working database of clients they could stick for some godawful temporary positions over and over again.

    I am sure there are decent recruitment agents and companies, but obviously it’s hard to spot good from bad ones, as the later are more numerous.

  2. I have worked with some good ones…but yes, most are as you describe. I try to talk to everyone so as to not miss any real opportunities, but I grow so weary of having the same conversations over and over with no benefit.

    Ah, I just want to be working again. :(

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