lol…from the “Have Your Say” section on the BBC, subject: Is the US right to single out Syria?

Someone wrote:

“There is a pattern here. First, create the impression that a certain country poses a threat by vilifying them. Use unsubstantiated accusations of harbouring bad people or WMDs or doing terrible things, whatever, it really doesn’t matter. Then bully the wimpy media, the UN and other nations into accepting the legitimacy of the cause. Then go bomb the hell out of the target country. Finally, praise yourselves at how good, brave and tough you are. Then pick the next country.”

I couldn’t have put it any plainer or better than that. :) The others are just as good:

“Well, whatever is said here does not matter: Before the war, the majority of UK residents were against the war. Did it stop the war? No. Bush’s government has labelled Syria as a bad country. We all know that that whatever argument is brought up in defence of Syria, it would be spun using quotes such as “We have strong intelligence indicating that Syria is: a) Developing WMD b) Hosting Saddam’s sympathisers, c) Cooks French food, d) Hosting the Devil himself, e) All the above. …” Bush is riding the US populist wave against non-Christian countries which are not in North America or in Britain. Together with the simplistic view of the world politics, the only reason the US will not attack Syria would be a lack of funds or weapons.”


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