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Together Heavensward

July 17th, 2015 by


Heavensward has been a lot of fun, a lot of it due to the fact that Phil came back to the game and has played through with me. He was the one that introduced me to MMOS back in the early days of vanilla WoW, and I am always happiest when we can play the same game together.

I admit that I did leave him behind a bit because I made the decision to level my Summoner while he started a new Dark Knight tank, but really…he couldn’t take any time off for the expansion and it was more than I could bear to wait for him to get home so we could play.

Yep, I am a bad person.

I would have to say that overall FFXIV is the best, deepest, most polished MMO out there today. Blizzard has alienated a lot of longtime players with recent expansions, GW2 just doesn’t feel like home (although it is undeniably beautiful), Wildstar made the fatal mistake of placing all their eggs in the basket of hardcore raiding, and I personally hated ESO. FFXIV is a very complex game in that it takes time to learn (and is difficult to come back and try to pick up where you left off), but in some respects I think that is a good thing. You won’t be bored by it. I love the instance design, and although normal questing is very kill-ten-rats the main story quests are wonderful. Heartbreaking at times, but still wonderful.

Currently I have just reached the ilvl needed for Alexander access, and Phil is getting there. For the first time in years I’m pugging instances every night and looking forward to actual raiding, something which I swore I would never do after Warcraft. I love it.

It Can’t Rain All The Time

July 17th, 2015 by

Yep, this is probably another TMI post, so be warned. :D

After waiting almost a month after the last biopsy and scan, I finally received a letter through the post from the hospital that said they “wanted to let me know that the biopsy did not show any abnormal results. We hope this relieves your concerns.”

Over three weeks I waited for this. You bastards.

In any event, this is obviously very good news and now I just have one (two if you count the minor one to take out my gallbladder) surgery to get through and then everything should be back to normal. I feel SO much better! The constant pain and bleeding were evidently caused by massive fibroids, so they are going to do a hysterectomy and possibly take the ovaries as well, I think perhaps as a safety measure because they can’t see them on scans due to the other issue. I am looking forward to having a flat tummy and no more pain…a very good thing.

So, even though I felt as though I was going to have a nervous breakdown due to the months of scans and biopsies and endless waiting, we got there in the end and all is well. This feels like a new beginning and I am wondering what I want to do next. This is an opportunity to make major changes, to jump over the edge and do something mad. Or brave. Perhaps just mad. :)

Heavensward: Smooth Sailing

June 23rd, 2015 by

FFXIV Ravana

I really have to hand it to Squenix, they pulled off an extremely smooth headstart with Heavensward. There have been some of the usually weird lobby errors, but overall this headstard has been as problem-free as possible. I’m currently almost 56 on my Summoner (waylaid a bit because I’ve been watching every cut scene and doing every side quest before I move on). I’ve really, truly been enjoying the new content.

Juvenile moment during one of the early fates: butt


I am currently the proud owner of a gorgeous new flying machine which I shall post pictures of as soon as I go back to one of the earlier areas where I can actually fly. The area that I’m currently in (Dravanian Forelands, I think?) is so infuriating to try to navigate. I spent an hour running all over the map trying to find objectives, being thwarted over and over again by areas that I seemingly couldn’t reach. I was in quite a frosty mood by the time I logged off. :)

Instances so far have been fun and relatively straight forward so far. I ran Aery last night, and we had a wipe at the end. The only person who had done it before, the DRK tank, had a hissy fit over it: “I’m doing this as a low-level roulette (really?) for some quick XP and you people are ruining it for me!” This is the type of thing that I’d hoped to avoid by pushing through the content as fast as possible: all the entitled jerks in Duty Finder who have no patience for people who haven’t seen the encounter before. Most of these don’t have guides yet, although they’re starting to pop up here and there. We haven’t even seen actual launch yet, and he’s speed-running instances? I’d like to introduce you to the aforementioned Alaimbert’s butt.

So, a very enjoyable few days so far, and here’s hoping that there isn’t too much of an influx when the servers go up today for actual launch!

Waiting On Heavensward

June 18th, 2015 by



Although I didn’t achieve everything that I wanted to in FFXIV: ARR, I’m still ready for Heavensward. My bags are clean (which took a relentless slash-and-burn on crafting materials) and I have a set of armor waiting for my Astrologian. The servers are now down and I’m hoping that we can download the patch for the new client soon.

Part of the preparation involved an upgrade on my aging graphics card to a new Nvidia GTX 970 card which brought my benchmark score from 7584 to 14,117. With everything maxed the benchmark client looks incredible.

One of the things I wasn’t able to do was to find a really good guild. The one that Phil and I are in has a small core of people who work their asses off to be welcoming and helpful (which is absolutely wonderful), a large group of people who play completely silently and have very little to do with the rest (not so wonderful) and no use of forums, no planning of events (which is horrible). I always find it really weird and uncomfortable when  guild doesn’t use forums, as it is then almost impossible to plan anything and it feels much more difficult to get to know people. It’s nice to check in on the forums during the middle of a work day and banter a bit. So, still looking for a good guild. I would love to find a good EU-based guild that spans multiple games and has a large, active player base.

I’m still rethinking which job I’m going to want to level. I’d originally planned to switch to Astrologian, but the RNG element to healing makes me nervous. I may just level either Summoner or Bard and treat the new healer spec as an alt class until I decide. Either way, I am really looking forward to a proper gaming marathon again. Bring it on!

Predesigned Book Covers…A Start

June 16th, 2015 by

I’ve started working on a few predesigned book covers, which I hope to add a lot more to as I get back on my feet and feel better. I have a few series covers planned, but don’t have any of those ready to go yet. Check back soon for more!


pre designed book cover art Pre designed book cover art Pre designed book cover art


Good News

June 16th, 2015 by


I think I probably came close to having a nervous breakdown over these past two weeks or so. Along with all the other health problems, I found one of those things that every woman dreads: a very scary lump. A huge one, not one of those things where you’re hoping that it’s just your imagination. No, this was one of the ones that stand up and proclaim “YOU’RE GONNA DIE. YUP, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. HASTA LA VISTA, BABY.” Or perhaps that’s just me. In any event, I was terrified and called the hospital to schedule a mammogram (my first one ever). I was lucky, and got right in.

And then I waited for results. For two and a half fucking weeks. Now, I’m not saying that I totally lost it, but there was a point where I was planning funeral music. (For your information, I was totally going to go with Dancing In The Graveyards, but then settled for Fields of Gold.)

I finally got in for the scan/biopsy appointment and they decided it was a cyst…everything was ok. It was drained (which was TOTALLY disgusting and just as unfun as one would assume) and I went home feeling light enough to pass out.

One more biopsy at the end of the month, and then (fingers crossed) I’ll be able to put all of this behind me and let everything get back to normal. Hurrah! :D

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