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Horse Breeding Blues (Pinks, Greens), Part II

May 6th, 2016 by

Quick recap of my horse breeding success in Black Desert…or decided lack thereof. My hands are still preventing me from doing any gaming despite the splints and pills, so I’m auto-levelling horses as I work on covers.

Tah-dum, tah-dum, tah-dum.

After getting my super-fugly red-white-blue horse and the Greenbean, I acquired an even fuglier one with a short tail in bright blue. My latest results, and my highest-level horses to date given my almost total lack of mares, are a pink-and-purple Clydesdale type thing and an even uglier yellow and orange streaked one. Yaay.

I used to think that RNG in games meant that sometimes you got lucky, sometimes you didn’t, luck of the draw. I now understand that it actually means that some other bastard gets lucky while there are players out there who are designated soakers of bad luck. The short stick brigade. I hate RNG with the power of a thousand suns.

I’m going to start my Fugly Horse Ranch (“Ugliest Horses on the Planet! See ‘Em to Believe ‘Em!) and hope that perverse fate decides to go the other way for once. Hey, it’s all I have left. :D


Black Desert Horse Colors

Horse Breeding Blues

April 27th, 2016 by

I haven’t been playing much lately due to a massive amount of work and also some odd problems with my hands. It may be carpal tunnel (what gamer doesn’t have a touch of carpal?), but it came on very suddenly a couple of weeks ago. Initially it felt like I’d sprained the ring and little fingers on each hand -possibly from the damned cover or vault action in The Division- but now I feel as though I have a pair of broken lumps for hands. Not great for an artist or a gamer.

The Division has been irking me a bit because of the massive amount of cheaters and hackers in the Dark Zone. Seriously, what fun is that, either for the poor saps playing the game honestly, or the guy on God Mode who is teleporting and untouchable by anyone? Bah, no point until they address that.

As a result I’ve been levelling horses in Black Desert. I’ve always wanted an MMO that allowed you to tame wild horses, train them, breed them and train and sell the foals…a bit like a grownup version of a horse game. I adore this. The RNG is horrific, as you kind of expect in an Asian MMO, and some of the colours are…well, see for yourself:

Black Desert Horses

My first attempt resulted in a blueberry mare with pink mane and white tail. My second attempt resulted in Greenbean, my green hulk horse. Meh. Phil (ever the lucky bastard in every game we play) bred his horses once and got a stunning golden palomino mare with white mane and tail and white feathers on the legs.

Levelling horses for breeding actually takes a lot of work, albeit afk work as the horses autoloop for hours and days. I am working right now with the soporific sound of galloping hoofbeats in the background, tah-dum, tah-dum, tah-dum. I’ve learned to never just leave it running while I go elsewhere, as the horse will automagically die for some reason, even if on a loop that has been working safely for hours.

So, I am currently playing a game by proxy by letting it afk loop. This is what we have come to. :)

I’m Alive!

March 15th, 2016 by

Wow, it’s been…let me see…a very long time since my last post. After being offline for so long I was really snowed under with a lot of work and things just slid. As they do unless one makes an effort, which I shall have to.

Aside from work I’ve been doing a bit of gaming and pretty much fuckall otherwise. Black Desert came out, which I’ve just scratched the surface of due to The Division also launching. I got addicted to The Division, I admit. It is so much fun, and simply one of the most gorgeous games I’ve ever seen.

Character creation still kind of sucks, and I’d hoped for more. Still the default faces and hairstyles and not a lot of choices which is a shame for an otherwise amazing game. I’d really, really wanted to do a version of Carol from The Walking Dead for my character (since, although I have a massive girlcrush on Michonne, Carol is the most badass), but I had to settle with the character that I’d chosen in beta.

We’ve been mostly running in groups of four with some good friends, which makes encounters and (fer shure!!!) the Darkzone a lot easier. A lot of it isn’t tuned to be too easy, so you can’t faceroll most of it which I like. It’s a challenge without having stupid don’t-stand-in-the-fire dances. Mob AI is extremely well done. The few cutscenes are nicely done, voice acting is great, and as you piece together the story you come across funny, profane and absolutely heartbreaking moments.

Huge /applause on this one – if you haven’t tried it, you so very much should!




January 25th, 2016 by

Well, this month just flew by. I spent a lot of it feeling rather rubbish, with my insides trying to superglue themselves into new and unfavourable configurations everytime I tried to sit at a desk and work. One month on, however, and I am starting to feel a lot better.

I did my taxes finally, and almost had a heart attack at the amount of tax I had to pay. This was made worse by the realisation that I had to pay half of my predicted tax for next year as well, which was just lemon juice in the wound. AND the amount that I had pre-paid in advance last year wasn’t applied to these taxes and couldn’t be deducted. Surely that’s not right? I’m not expected to say “Here, have a £3k tip for allowing me to work?” I definitely need a tax person. :(

Aside from that I haven’t been doing much, just trying to get better and work through the cover backlog. No real gaming to speak of, since it’s tough to spend too many hours at the desk. I played a bit with the character creator in Black Desert which was fun, but as always slanted towards doll-like young characters. Still subbed to FFXIV, although I haven’t been doing much there, either.

Reading: until my eyes fall out
TV: bingewatching
Painkillers: trying to not take any
Boredom level: max

February is always my least favourite month, so I’m not going to waste any time hoping for a better month. March is going to be my bitch, though. :)


Black Desert

Happy 2016

January 2nd, 2016 by

Well, Christmas kind of sucked. :)

There was a surgery, which I woke up from and started drinking fluids, etc. in recovery. Then a lot of bleeding and a second, emergency surgery wherein I of course started vomiting. Aspirated some of that, and ended up with pneumonia. Not fun. So I spent most of the days at the hospital hooked up to IV tubes and catheters and oxygen tubes, all so very much not fun. I vomited and/or wee’d on pretty much everyone in the entire hospital, and was naked in front of more people than I think I ever have in my life. Mind you, I’ve been naked in front of a lot of people…but I reached a point where it was commonplace, as all the people currently in the room at any one time had probably already seen my ass. Including visiting family members, yaay. There is little dignity available for patients in hospitals.

Now I’m home and am pretty much still flat on my back in bed. Pneumonia is the worst. Sitting here at my desk for a bit is a big accomplishment, although I feel as though a small child is sitting on my chest and I’m struggling for air. You would think that sitting in a chair would be rest just like being in a bed, but no. So it will be a bit before I am back at work, sorry.

One of the worst things that I had to do after I was released? Giving myself injections. If you know me personally you know that I have a deep fear/horror of needles. I can’t watch them on TV without feeling ill. And I had to give myself injections for five days. Five. Days. When the nurse explained it I was in disbelief and then I cried…and when I say I cried I mean that streams of water shot out of my eyes as though someone had squeezed a water bottle. I cried like a cartoon character.

I mean, I did it. Cowboy up, put on my big girl pants, my daddy didn’t raise no pussies and all that. But lordy did that suck.

Being sick is full of ass.

Anyway, ready to collapse now so I wish you all a wonderful 2016, and I know that people with January covers will be worried. I’m going to check mail this afternoon or tomorrow and get back to you all, and hope to be back at work soon. <3

See You In 2016

December 21st, 2015 by

NOTE: I won’t be answering email until after the holidays, and won’t be available on Twitter, etc. Thank you for being patient, and I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a great year to come.

Peace on earth and goodwill to all. In our current world, could there be anything more important?

Happy Holidays

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